April 27, 2020

A story of survival and impact – Arn Chorn Pond ’92 & ’07Hon.

A conversation with Arn Chorn Pond ’92 & ’07Hon., the human rights activist, musician, and public speaker who escaped the Khmer Rouge in his native Cambodia as a young child, after witnessing the horrors of war and suffering unimaginable loss. Brought to the U.S. by a New Hampshire minister, Pond found his way to Providence College and established a meaningful relationship with Rev. John F. Cunningham, O.P. ’50, the College’s 10th president. Music is a thread the runs through Pond’s life. It helped save him during the time he was held by the Khmer Rouge, it was part of the way he learned to express himself, and he has used it to help and inspire others. Pond spoke with us from Cambodia, where the organization he founded, Cambodian Living Arts, works to preserve the performing arts in that country.

Hear some of Chorn-Pond’s music in this TEDx talk.

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