May 01, 2020

‘A Thousand Tiny Stories’ to build community despite isolation

Dr. Nuria Alonso García, professor of global studies and secondary education, initiated a project with four PC graduate students in the Urban Teaching ProgramMolly Abernathy ’20G, Sarah Campbell ’20G, Annie Lagace ’20G, and Kaitlyn Potts ’20G — to collect stories of how people are coping with isolation, with the goal of building community and finding purpose despite being apart.

The project features stories in two languages, Spanish and English.

Scroll through the stories from these and other PC students and faculty, including Dr. Nicholas Longo ’96, professor of global studies and of public and community service studies, Dr. Comfort Ateh, associate professor of education, Sean Richardson ’20 (Pawtucket, R.I.), Zachary Gavry ’14, Rev. David Orique, O.P., and more. Then click the button for more information about submitting a story of your own.

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