March 15, 2023

Congratulations and welcome, Class of 2027

By Owen Bligh ’10, ’14G
Senior associate dean of admission

No two years are alike for those of us who work in admission, but — even in that context — several things stand out as I reflect on the past several months of work in our office.

Some unique things about the Class of 2027 cohort are obvious, such as the record applicant pool of more than 12,400. That sheer volume has caused the need for a few extra pots of coffee, and I am grateful to my committed colleagues for working extra hours to ensure that every file received the full consideration it deserves.

The process also brings vivid reminders of the challenges students now applying to college have faced, and the remarkable resilience they have shown. As we parse grading scales adjusted for COVID-19 and work to understand how remote learning may have impacted a student’s performance, for example, we grow in respect for the students, family members, and teachers who have overcome so much in the past few years. I cannot help but think of the potential “silver lining,” that these experiences will serve the students well when they face the inevitable challenges of adjusting to college life.

We have also been assessing applications for the new School of Nursing and Health Sciences and its associated programs. This group of applicants is incredibly impressive and those students to whom we offered admission really stand out.

nursing students
This year, the Office of Admission assessed applications for the new School of Nursing and Health Sciences and its associated programs.

First of all, they have a real calling to work in healthcare. As we often see in other majors, such as education majors who volunteer at elementary schools, or finance majors who formed investment clubs, nursing and health science applicants more often than not have already begun to accumulate applicable real-world experience. They have taken vital signs, learned CPR, even — in some cases — worked as EMTs. Many also told us about personal experiences involving themselves or a family member, where a heroic healthcare provider has inspired them to choose this path in life. Collectively, they will have a real impact on our community and the interdisciplinary education at the core of the academic experience, bringing fresh, diverse perspectives to all their classes — including those they will share with students from other majors. This combination of characteristics, in addition to the excellent academic preparation they bring (and average 3.8 unweighted GPA), suggests a high likelihood of success at Providence College and beyond.

Next fall we will welcome a class of good people who bring empathy, understanding, and compassion to all that they do.

Owen Bligh ’10, ’14G

Of course, those students will only comprise 8% of the Class of 2027, but I noticed something about the characteristics they will share with their classmates. Next fall we will welcome a class of good people who bring empathy, understanding, and compassion to all that they do. In this sense, the class will exemplify Providence College’s mission and its purpose. PC is a place where everyone wants to see our fellow community members succeed, we value everyone’s contributions, and we are happy when we can help someone achieve happiness and well-being. The classroom work is challenging to be sure, but our faculty and others are here to provide the guidance and inspiration necessary to get through any rough patches that might emerge. Along the way, the members of the Class of 2027 will make the connections — with those faculty members, with Dominican friars, with our caring staff, and with each other — that will, in the final analysis, supplement the academic work in ways that will help ensure a lifetime of flourishing and fulfillment.

To the students admitted to the Class of 2027, congratulations and welcome! Your academic ability, commitment to what’s important to both yourself and others, and excitement for what lies ahead make each of you an excellent fit with Providence College. We can’t wait to welcome you to campus this spring as you narrow your options and, ultimately, have you join us in the fall.

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