February 22, 2021

Dr. Zophia Edwards – 25 Years of Black Studies at PC

The Black Studies Program at Providence College is celebrating its 25th year. The program, which offers the Black studies minor, credits its founding to student activists and their faculty allies — forebears of students fighting for equity and justice in and beyond the campus community today. Dr. Zophia Edwards, assistant professor of sociology and director of the Black Studies Program, joins the podcast to discuss the history of the program, the origins of Black studies as a distinct field, student activism, and the future of Black studies at PC. Listen to the end to hear Dr. Edwards — an exemplar of interdisciplinarity — describe her journey from undergraduate studies in astrophysics to a professorship in sociology and a focus on Black studies.

To learn more about the Black Studies Program, visit the program’s website.

To view videos Dr. Edwards references in the episode, visit the program’s Facebook page.

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